The secret ingredient to avoid feeling sleepy

By drinking at least one glass of water after your first glass of wine we consume, we increase available water to absorb some of the alcohol.

In fact, a glass of water can help you to cleanse your palette in between sips. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a glass of water on the side to take the occasional sip out of. STOP! Don’t mix them. Ever! Not even in your mouth. Do not pour a little water into your wine at any point. And you shouldn’t put ice in your wine either. Now you probably have one question in your mind. Why? It Changes the Wine’s Structure It takes years of to perfect techniques to make amazing wines. So when you pour water into a glass of wine, you’re undoing all of that hard work. Fact: water actively changes the chemical composition of the wine. It’s like the oxygenation process, only it works much faster and it lowers the wine’s quality. Fact: the very act of adding water means that your not experiencing the wine in the way it was intended. First things first you have to train your palette. If you find that a wine is too difficult for you to drink, try a few less complex wines. This can help you to adjust your palette so that you’re ready to take on the real thing later on.

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