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Learn how to taste wine like a professional in 6 simple steps... even with no experience!

Think you need to take an expensive class and years of knowledge to learn about wine or have an intelligent dialogue? Think again... Get the 6 easy steps that take you from ‘’beginner” to expert!



*What does the color of wine mean- learning the color depth and why this is important when drinking wine. You’ve likely not thought of these points when drinking wine, but don’t worry. I’m spilling the beans on exactly what you need to get started.

*What is your wine palate and how to do the sensory checklist- of all of our senses, smell is the most important in the wine world. Even if we don’t sniff our wine before tasting, we get an intense blast of smell every time we take a sip.

*Why so many people think that drinking wine makes you sleepy- and how to drink wine that you absolutely enjoy and actually want to have before bed. 

*Does wine have feelings- the physical sensations known as mouthfeel. You’ll learn some sensory aspects and the two key factors. 

*How to identify what you taste and smell in each glass of wine you enjoy. This is one of the many enjoyable topics to share and compare with other wine lovers like yourself. This is instant access into the world of wine to dialogue with the professionals. 

*How to assess wine: evaluating quality & identifying faults. It is not too complicated to learn. Learning how to recognize a “good wine” - meaning a wine that is well made and has been in good condition- is one of the biggest challenges for newcomers to wine...until now!

*PLUS: LIVE Q&A! At every tasting, I’ll be answering your questions directly, so be sure to show up live if you want some private coaching that often comes along with more free wine to taste 

Plus just by showing up, I’m giving you an exclusive invitation to my tasting experience:

How to taste wine like a professional- FOR FREE!




How to taste wine like a professional is a pdf training that shares the steps on how to taste wine. you’ll learn how to overcome the dilemma of finding that perfect bottle of wine for dinner or gatherings!

This bonus training is FREE OF CHARGE when you join us at the workshop!