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"Are you ready to meet your future husband?" — a mentor helped me reflect on this question in my own life.

I had been mentioning (read: crying about) the fact that I really thought I was ready to meet my person, but he just hadn’t shown up in my life yet. That’s when she hit me with it....

If your husband walked into your life today, would you be ready? Or, here's another way to think about it: Who do you want to be on the day you meet your husband? Are there any things that you want to be true about you then that aren’t true about you now?

For years, I had thought I was ready. I felt ready. And by that, I mean that my heart often ached with how much I wanted to meet my person and get married. But when she asked me this question, and when I really took the time to answer it, I was surprised by the fact that maybe I wasn’t so ready after all.

I wanted to be the best version of myself on the day I met my future husband — full of joy and confidence. I wanted to have a rich, fulfilling life to invite him into, a great group of friends, a deep, connected relationship with God. I wanted to have healed from some of the things I’d been through over the last several years so I wouldn’t be bringing that baggage into our marriage.

And as I reflected on this question, and on my life as it was that day, I could see that there was a bit of a gap between those two people — the person I was at the time, and the person I wanted to be when my husband walked into my life. I realized I had some room to grow, and my mentor helped me see that if I did that growing, the marriage I’d end up with would be so much better as a result.

She was right, the healing I'm going to share with you today transformed my marriage before it even started, and I have a feeling they're going to be a game-changer for you too.

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